"Strengthening the Community through Calisthenics"


Calisthenics is a 


Calisthenics is the use of one's own bodyweight in exercise.  By definition, it is "beautiful strength".  The movements are rhythmic, graceful, and are intended to increase strength.  Some of these exercises include pull-ups, push-ups, squats, sit-ups, and dips.  


LVBartstarzz adopts Calisthenics as a way of life.  Some exercises can be performed anywhere at any time.  Others require only a trip to a local park where various exercise bars are present.  The only criteria needed is that one has the desire and motivation to build strength and remain consistent.  LVBarstarzz takes immense pride in their pursuit of building and strengthening the community through Calisthenics.  As a result, not only are participants able to work on themselves mentally and physically, they can also build strong social bonds within a like minded and committed community of people.  

Being a part of the Las Vegas community ultimately comes with distractions including noise and a notorious nightlife.  Finding a peaceful escape in the form of our many beautiful parks  allows us to reconnect  with nature, our neighbors, and our community.



Las Vegas, NV, USA

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